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RC11XX-RC232 - RF Module with embedded RC232 and CE marking

The RC11XX-RC232 RF Transceiver Modules are compact surface-mounted high performance modules for FSK operation with embedded RC232 protocol.

RC1180-Mus3 - Wireless MBUS3 module

RF Module with embedded wireless M-Bus protocol (EN13757-4:2005) and CE marking and Feature Set 3: Full two-way communication with automatic acknowledge and AES-128 encryption and decryption.

RC2500(HP)-TinyMesh - TinyMesh

Multi hope mesh protocol. Complete mesh protcol embedded in a tiny module.

RC1700(HP)  TinyMesh - TinyMesh

Multi-hop Mesh protocol.


RC2400 - Zigbee Ready RF Tranceiver Modul

The RC2400 and RC2400HP RF Transceiver Modules are a series of compact surface mounted modules specially designed for the ZigBee® PRO protocol stack.

RC1180-KNX2 - Open standard for Home and Building Automation

The Radiocraft KNX feature set is compliant with S, A  and E modes and KNX-RF Multi specification.

nRF51422 - ANT SOC

The nRF51422 is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU.